Template Merayu Kepada Facebook Jika Akaun Iklan Anda Disekat

Template 1


I’m <your name> from Malaysia and I operate many Facebook pages <page name>. I am working fulltime from home to sell these products online and Facebook Ads is the main platform for my marketing.

So far, Facebook Ads has helped me a lot to boost the sale. My ads were running fine for quite some time but today I noticed that my account was being flagged for no apparent reason. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t see any elements in my ads that has violated the Facebook Ads policy.

Right now, this is the main source of income to support my family and I am serious in this business. I don’t mean to cause anybody harm nor do I want to jeopardize my own rice pot. If you found that I have violated the policy, please point it out so that I can correct it accordingly. I need to resolve any problems arising from this platform to ensure the business runs smoothly.

I apologize for any mistakes that might have gone unnoticed, I will make sure that all future ads conform to Facebook guidelines. I humbly request the FB ads team to kindly review the penalty imposed on my account and I really hope that it could be reinstated as soonest possible.

Once again, I am sorry for all the inconvenience caused and I will be looking forward to see this request finds its way through successfully.

thank you for helping me.
Thank you

Email :
Template 2

Dear facebook team,

My ads has been disapproved because reason said that it uses images that excessively focus on a person’s body or body part.

But I think my ads are in line with Facebook advertising policies. This is because as you can see, my image doesn’t focus directly on belly, abs, or hips sir.

I do my best to not disappoint my audience sir. I do get good results and good engagement and good feedback at my post sir. For your information, I am trying to promote how good to take care of our health by taking care of our own weight sir.

If my ads do follow facebook advertising policies like I believe sir, I humbly request that you can make it active again sir as I do believe I am helping people in the right way.

Thank you so much in advance.


Template 3

Dear facebook team,

My ads account is suddenly been flagged reason because of the policy violation.

For your information, recently some of my ads set is being disapproved.

I already appeal for the disapproved campaign. The result is positive and the Facebook team make it running again.

But today my ads account suddenly been a flag. Please reconsider my account because I believe my campaign got much good engagement from people.

I really do believe this flagged is by mistake.

Please reconsider kindly my ads account, and I really hope this account can be reactivated because right now is the tough moment in my life.

Thank you in advance.


Template 4

Dear Facebook Team,

My Ads account suddenly been disabled. For your information, I have not violated any rule sir as my ad campaign is based on my campaign that have been active before.

I do humbly request you to reconsider my account as my account is suddenly been disabled. I am just trying to promote how to gain healthy life through weight loss program.

Thank you in advance.


Template 5

Dear Facebook,

I believe my ads again have been mistakenly rejected.

I have explained in my earlier appeal that my business is not in any way, cheating or scamming.

My business is about helping people with the need of <sila masukkan problem prospek anda> and thus I provide them with solutions which is <product atau solution anda>

I am a strong user of Facebook Ads and I have been using it for many years now.

Please review and I appreciate so much that you approve my ads.

Thank you so much in advance.

Hope to be working with you guys as soon as possible.


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